Wellness & Prevention

Wellness & Prevention

Homewood offers far more than an ounce of prevention. With a comprehensive menu of workplace wellness programs available to match your organization’s needs and goals, Homewood can help you define and maintain an optimal work environment through education, staff development, motivation and direct intervention.

Wellness Sessions

These one-hour, workplace-based learning sessions offer a classroom-style exploration of topics ranging from general knowledge to personal health and wellness strategies including effective approaches to managing stress, sleep habits, bullying, time/scheduling and family communication.

Employee Workshops

Facilitators provide behavioural aids for making changes in thinking and habits that are detrimental to personal health and well-being, as well as language and norms for supporting the health and well-being of others.

Leadership Workshops

These workshops of up to a full day in length provide health promotion and management skills training in an adult-learning format. Topics can include dealing with difficult behaviour in the workplace, employee recognition, workplace diversity, harassment prevention, effective communication and managing change.

Health Challenge Events

Based around an online wellness application, these events offer a five-dimension program of physical activity, nutrition, psychological tasks, intellectual tasks and community/environment tasks. The program encourages social networking, mutual support and inspiration, and personal growth.

Workplace Wellness Consultations

Homewood experts are available to consult with managers and/or staff on specifically targeted issues related to workplace wellness.

Health Kiosks

A registered nurse works at a temporary kiosk in the workplace to offer health information, blood pressure checks, body-mass index measurement, stress assessments and other wellness evaluations to employees.

Nutrition Clinics

The clinics offer employees 20-minute on-site consultations with a dietitian.

Workplace Issue Intervention

Designed to assist work groups experiencing some form of dysfunction or specific challenge, this tool works to address and reverse specific issues with those specific teams.

Workplace Health Scan

Normally deployed as an online survey, the scan assesses employee engagement and support and provides a snapshot of organizational health.

Selection & Succession Screening, Assessment and Planning

These services use proven tools to help identify the most suitable candidates for positions based on factors like skills and positional/organizational fit.

Staff Development, Evaluation and Coaching

Customized coaching and assessment help prepare staff for high performance and assess suitability for key occupational roles/tasks such as firearms use, use of force and positions with access to sensitive information.