Disability Prevention Services

Disability Prevention Services

Homewood’s disability prevention program has never been more important. It provides immediate access to mental health treatment combined with coping skill development, all so the employee can stay at work or return to work sooner with a better chance of staying healthy.

The program has been successful with people on short-term disability, but is best suited to employees who are continuing to work but are struggling with mental health issues including depression, panic attacks, anxiety, addiction or a combination of illnesses. By combining expedited response/access with treatment designed specifically to achieve more effective return to work, the disability prevention program can resolve high-risk situations to the benefit of both the employee and the employer.

Trauma Care - This unique program model is designed to utilize industry best practices such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, resiliency training and a wide range of online mindfulness tools for individuals who remain on the job but are struggling with acute or long-term trauma symptoms. The program provides up to 20 hours of individual treatment.

Substance Abuse Expert Services - Specialized assessment and support services aimed at determining the level of harmful use, abuse, and dependency related to the use of alcohol, prescription and illicit drugs. Certified expertise, and evidence-based recommendations for treatment, accommodation, and relapse prevention are provided.

Fitness to Work - Focuses on an employee’s psychological fitness to be at work or to return to work from a leave. Objective assessment and evidence-based recommendations help those affected manage absenteeism and short term disability claims and develop shared employer/employee goals for improving functioning and achieving a successful return to work. Services include recommendations for accommodation, short-term psychotherapy and case management (where required).  

Depression Care - Designed for people who are at work, but struggling with depression or anxiety, this voluntary service provides longer-term Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based around 12 to 20 counselling sessions.