Crisis Management Services

Homewood Health was the first Canadian EFAP provider to introduce on-site workplace trauma response involving debriefings, defusings, and other Crisis Management Services (CMS). It was developed in response to the growing awareness of the impact that workplace crisis and employee victimization can have on employees and organizations.

For the past three decades, CMS Specialists at Homewood Health have provided prompt, compassionate, and effective responses to traumatic events. Our CMS team frequently responds to high profile and high risk incidents, which include, most recently, the train derailment and explosion in Lac Mégantic, the 2013 Calgary floods, the RCMP shootings in Moncton, the disappearance and murder of a boy and his grandparents in Calgary and the attack and crash of Malaysia flight MH17 over Ukraine.

Crisis Management Services

Today, our CMS involve a multi-faceted, resilience-based approach to crisis intervention, designed to offer assessment and emotional first aid to employees after a critical incident. We have the capacity to support  international requests. Referral services to support crisis intervention can also be arranged, as well as post-traumatic stress counselling (through the EFAP) for impacted individuals following the initial intervention.

Our experience is that each critical incident response has its own unique timeline and characteristics. Responses are guided by a thorough assessment of the situation, taking into account both objective circumstances, and the subjective needs and priorities of all employee levels.

Our CMS specialists have assisted in the psychological recovery from international kidnappings, provided leadership within emergency operations centres, and supported both family members and victims of major catastrophes.