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Homewood takes care of people. We provide service to well over 6,000 organizations and two million employees and their families. Whether that's by providing comprehensive employee, family, and member assistance programs, innovative and accessible work-life services, timely critical incident response or providing effective workplace support, we are there whenever we are needed.

The Homewood Difference

Our EFAP and Crisis Management programs and interventions are designed to provide short-term, solution focused support in dealing with the precursors of more complex mental health and addiction issues. We aim to prevent smaller problems from becoming larger, costlier and more complex.


Stay at Work

In any given week, at least 500,000 employed Canadians are unable to work due to mental health problems, and Canadian businesses bear the weight of this escalating cost. As Canada’s leader in delivering mental health and addiction services, Homewood proactively supports organizations, employees and their families as they face challenges to their productive presence at work. Our objective is to help them take responsibility for their optimal mental and physical health by providing evidence-based and solution-focused services. Additionally, we offer targeted counselling solutions that support early intervention and disability prevention.

Wellness & Prevention Services

Programs that help employees and organizations achieve optimal health. We offer tailored resources and targeted programs that enhance the healthy and productive functioning of your organization.

Employee & Family Assistance Programs

When your employees need help, we are there with counselling and resources in person, by phone, or online. Our counsellors can help manage everything from grief and anger to stress and relationships.

Crisis Management Services

Our Crisis Management Services involve a multi-faceted approach to crisis intervention—designed to offer support and psychological and emotional first aid to employees and organizations after a critical incident.

Disability Prevention Services

Focused on resolving a mental health challenge before it results in time away from work—we personalize and scale our support to match employee needs and overcome specific obstacles to health and wellness.

We help keep your employees where you need them…at work.

Our Stay at Work services are designed to help employees deal with issues that challenge their ability to be productive at work. Whether it’s counselling, substance abuse assessments, early intervention services for depression and trauma, or work-life services, Homewood’s programs are evidence based, delivered using best-practice approaches, and enable employees to access the services in a timely, convenient way.

Short-term Counselling

Brief, solution-based counselling—focusing on a specific issue. Homewood offers this counselling in three distinct modalities: telephone; online; and in person.

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Key Person Advice Line

Designed for human resources, managers, supervisors, and union representatives, the advice line allows key persons to contact a Homewood Health counsellor at any time for consultation.

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Life Smart Coaching Services

This vehicle for lifestyle and specialty coaching, including expert support, has three main subject matter themes: Life Balance Solutions, Health Smart and Career Smart Coaching services.

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Employee Workshops

Interactive educational half or full-day workshops for employees in which facilitators provide useful instruction and behavioural feedback to enhance employees' health, well being, and workplace effectiveness.

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On-site Crisis Management Services

Experienced counsellors provide on-site services for sustained periods of time and they remain on-site for as long as required. Incident-specific materials and resources are prepared in advance.

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Depression Care

Designed for people who are at work but are struggling with depression or anxiety, this voluntary service provides 12 to 20 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions specifically designed to help people with their mental health challenges.

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Trauma Care

This unique program is designed to utilize industry best practices such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, resiliency training and a wide range of online mindfulness tools for individuals who remain on the job but are struggling with acute or long-term trauma symptoms. The program provides up to 20 hours of individual treatment.

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Substance Abuse Expert Services

Specialized support aimed at determining the level of problematic use or addiction related to the use of alcohol, prescription and/or illicit drugs. Certified expertise and recommendations for treatment, accommodation and relapse prevention are provided.

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Fitness to Work

Focuses on an employee’s psychological fitness to be at work or to return to work. Objective assessment and recommendations from trained professionals help employees manage absenteeism and work disruption, and develop goals for improved functioning or a successful return to work.

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"This program has been our lifeline to happiness, healthy thinking and overall a positive state of mind in our marriage. Thank you!"