Helping employees get back to where they want to be

It’s about managing your costs

Most employees who are absent from work want to return, and you need them back. The costs you bear mount with every additional day of absence. Actively managing cases from the first day of absence until the employee successfully returns to work reduces the duration of the absence and improves the likelihood of a sustained return. As your partner, we bring a full spectrum of services that either fill gaps in your current practice, or help you build a full end to end disability management process, unique to your organization.

We offer our evidence-based continuum of care and assessment as well as our multi-disciplinary teams of psychologists, physicians, clinicians and other health professionals who are equipped with the tools to help return your employees and your organization, to health and productivity.

The Homewood Difference

We use a comprehensive multidisciplinary team approach. Our team of health professionals is comprised of psychiatrists, occupational health professionals, clinical managers, psychologists, physicians and specialized clinicians who work together to positively impact functioning and clinical outcomes. Our goal is to shorten the time to treatment, decrease duration of illness and support a sustainable return to work.

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Return to Work

Effective return to work support must go beyond ‘managing’ disability to include timely access to treatment. However, research shows that treatment alone does not necessarily lead to successful return to work outcomes: it is the combination of optimal treatment and work focused rehabilitation that produces a positive return to work.


These assessments help define and understand obstacles to an employee’s optimal functioning. Assessments combine a clinical interview with testing to provide a comprehensive picture of the employee's medical condition and the impact that the condition has on function as it applies to work.

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Adjudication & Case Management

Homewood’s adjudication and case management services provide expert, independent case evaluations, specialized treatment options and integrated case management—all aimed at delivering the right care at the right time so employees can recover and return to work.

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Complex Case Management

Specifically trained professionals employ techniques derived from therapeutic interventions to help individuals identify the factors that may be prolonging their recovery and negatively impacting their return to function. Programs are customized to each individual's specific needs.

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We innovate, collaborate and integrate

Homewood integrates a number of elements using our multidisciplinary team approach to assessment, treatment and return to work. Our mental health specialists use therapeutic techniques derived from cognitive based therapy and motivational interviewing to help the employee to identify barriers to return to work, develop plans to leverage strengths and remove these barriers.